Male Champions of Change

A strategy focused on gender equality, Male Champions of Change Institute works with influential leaders to redefine men’s role in taking action on gender inequality. It activates peer groups of influential male leaders, supports them to step up beside women, and drives the adoption of actions across private sector and government.

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Take Action on Domestic Violence & Renting

Add your voice to petitions that call for reform of rental laws which penalise families that have been affected by violence.

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If someone you know has disclosed that they are experiencing family violence

This factsheet is to help you best support people who have disclosed their experience of violence or abuse to you.

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How to prevent Violence against Women

Violence against women is so deeply ingrained in our collective psyche it’s like we’re fish but we don’t see the water, says Fiona McCormack. If we are to turn it around, the CEO of Domestic Violence Victoria says we need to frame the deepening crisis in terms of power and justice.

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NSW Domestic and Family Violence Strategy 2012-2017

The NSW Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy 2017-2021 (‘the Strategy’) sets out a direction for the way NSW Government agencies, non-government organisations and communities, design and implement prevention and early intervention strategies over the next four years.

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Do Something Campaign

Although we speak out strongly against domestic and family violence as a society, it continues because, as individuals, we often choose to stay silent.

When confronted with the signs of abusive behaviour, we can make excuses and downplay our instinct to step in. Domestic and family violence won’t go away by itself – it needs our intervention to break the cycle.

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